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 I am often asked what field guide or books do you recommend. This is my page for just that and also Videos. Here are my picks.


Billy Joe Tatum

 Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook

 Billy Joe is no longer with us, but her book lives on. She has been a guiding light to those young foragers in our state. When asked by a beginner what book I would recommend, this is my first response. Not only do the edible plants in her book grow in our state, but she also has a cookbook for those who want to try some. I fell in love with this book many years ago as my grandmother was from Arkansas. Every time I pick it up it reminds me of my roots.

Samuel Thayer

Nature's Garden

David Arora

Mushrooms Demystified

Kelly Kindscher

Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie

 Kelly Kindscher

 Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms

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