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Save Mother Earth!

Stop fracking and waste water injection!

I am as old as the dirt and in the winter of my years, all I have is my voice.


My home is falling from the quakes. There is no way I can afford to repair it. I may have to do as one friend suggested and put up a Tee Pee in my front yard, which is fine I could live in one. Right now if a large earthquake hit we would be lucky to get out of our home alive.  However where do I go when the ground and water are so toxic it puts a end to my way of life? For twenty five years I have taught wildcrafting to those in Oklahoma who have wanted to learn.   


I am a heritage wildcrafter, it is my way of life. I told them at the capitol when I spoke they could have my home, but not the land. For generations my family has lived this way using the wild plants and herbs for food and medicine. Now this is also under attack. If I have ever touched your heart or if this art has ever healed your soul you will know the pain I now feel. Please join me with your voice. Do not let them take this from our children and grand children. Below I am adding more information and will be updating it as it comes in.  Wado, Wado

                  What is in Fracking Water??



Petroleum chemicals, heavy metals and radioactive elements, plus high levels of dissolved solids, are among the pollutants found in fracking wastewater samples tested under the new disclosure program.They include benzene, chromium-6, lead and arsenic — all listed under California’s Proposition 65 as causes of cancer or reproductive harm. Nearly every one of the 293 samples tested contained benzene at levels ranging from twice to more than 7,000 times the state drinking water standard. The wastewater also carried, on average, thousands of times more radioactive radium than the state’s public health goals consider safe, as well as elevated levels of potentially harmful ions such as nitrate and chloride.










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