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All photography on this site is copyrighted. Our site photographer is Sarah Warmker Photography. The rest of the pictures here were provided by members of Oklahoma Wildcrafting and they are also copyrighted by the member.

I would like to start this section with some information on Identification of plants. Before you ingest any wild plant, nut, berry or mushroom be 110% sure you know what your eating.  When your 110% sure of what it is, start with a taste and wait. Wild foods are no different than commercial food and there are allergies to both. I many times will rub the plant etc. across the inside of my wrist first to see if I have a reaction. 


Nature has its balance. Whenever this balance is disrupted by over foraging, the results are disastrous. Act responsible; leave enough to insure future generations of Oklahomans are able to enjoy foraging in our state.  Do not forage protected species. Respect land owners, never forage without permission.

This web site is for educational purposes only.  We suggest if you choose to eat or use any edible, herb or mushroom on this site that you first consult an expert in this area such as an herbalist, botanist or a mycologist.



Descriptions on the edible pages are done from the  perception of a Native Wildcrafter and not a botanist, which I am not. It is my belief that anyone who ​forages wild edibles, herbs and mushrooms is best served by Identification in the field with someone with experience. There are many pictures online as well as in books, however one need to realize these pictures are many times of plants in gardens under optimum conditions and may not appear as they do in the wild. There are also many pictures online with the wrong identification. Wildcrafting is an art that requires many years in the field. When choosing someone to teach you be sure they have years of experience. 

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