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This web site is for educational purposes only.  We suggest if you choose to eat or use any edible, herb or mushroom on this site that you first consult an expert in this area such as an herbalist, botanist or a mycologist.

 I wanted to put this page up so I could share some of the things I do and recipes. I will be adding to it as time goes on.

Neva's Polk Washer

Here in Oklahoma when the polk is up, it is everywhere. This trick was shared by my friend Neva Alsip. Having so much of it can mean hours by the sink cleaning it all, not so for Neva Alsip! She came up with just putting it in the washing machine filling the tub on gentle cycle, letting it agitate a short while, then spin! You have to hand it to her for Okie ingenuity. Every time I see this picture it brings a smile to my face. I wonder if this would work for morels? I just love Neva!

Mock Clam Chowder

I love substituting oyster mushrooms for clams and I think it tastes the same, even better.


 In large pot over medium-high heat. add 1 1/2 cup water and 1 cup onions and 2 cups diced oyster mushroom, and cook 5 minutes. Put potatoes, and season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, and cook uncovered for 15 minutes, or until potatoes are fork tender.
Pour in 3 cups half-and-half, and add 2 tbsp butter. Cook for about 5 minutes, or until heated through. Do not boil.

River Cane and Bamboo

On the back roads in Oklahoma, river cane can be found everywhere. It can be eaten when young like asparagus  The craft uses for it are never ending from blow guns to flutes, fishing poles, mats shades  stakes in the garden, trellises, baskets well you get the idea. I wanted to get this up and am planning to add some of the ways I use it here on the farm in the future. 

Yarrow Oil

Yarrow oil is great for bleeding from a cut and helps heal a wound fast. Once again I use the flowers along with the leaves, yes I use everything but the roots, I find it works better. I let it sit a couple of weeks and strain it and re-bottle. I use olive oil to cover over the plant material. 

Passion Flower Tea

Each year I head out when the passion flower is in bloom. I harvest vine and all. I bring it home and hang it to dry naturally from my ceiling close to the ceiling fan. I never use a dehydrator or a microwave to do this as I feel it reduces the medicinal properties. I dry all my herbs naturally. I cover it to keep off the dust. I then strip the leaves and flowers for tea when dry. I have tried the passion flower dried from the health food store and it does not work as well, it contains no flowers. I have found nothing better for all types of cramps. It works well as a sleep aid also. I use 1 tsp dried herb to a cup of boiling water.

Sumac Tea

To start, sumac berries are ready to forage when the heads droop over. Always red berries! I take them home and clean them well in the sink. I add about two heads to a gallon of water and sit it in the sun for the day. I bring it in and filter the whole gallon making sure to  use a fairly fine filter to remove and hairs found on the berries. Three layers of cheese cloth works well. Then I sweeten and enjoy. It tastes much like lemonade. For a hot tea I bring a cup of water to a boil and add about a tbsp of berries and steep for a couple of minutes and filter. I use fresh or dried berries in the same way.


Amy's SJW Oil

Amy Pollman says, Just after 4 days of soaking... the picture just doesn't do it justice. Its Gorgeous and smells amazing! I have some oil soaking as well. I found them on a tall hill headed towards Norman. Flowers only. An I make an oil and turn it into a lotion and use that for sunscreen.... And LOTS of other things. I use tincture as an antiviral so anytime you have a virus use it.

Easy to do oil or alcohol tinctures, fill jar then put in olive oil or 100 proof vodka to cover the flowers and let set for a few days. I do mine about two week minimum. Strain and re-bottle. Amy spoke at our wildcrafting festival last year and what an intelligent, gifted young lady she is!

Sleep Aid For Children

 Simple recipe here. Four children and a four hour walk in Oklahoma's backwoods. Feed them pot luck lunch, load them in the van and head for home. Amy Pollman sent this to me and I want to say it has had the same effects on my children and grandchildren. No hyperactivity when your done with these few simple steps!

Making Hickory Syrup
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