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All photography on this site is copyrighted. Our site photographer is Sarah Warmker Photography. The rest of the pictures here were provided by members of Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

​This web site is for educational purposes only.  We suggest if you choose to eat or use any edible, herb or mushroom on this site that you first consult an expert in this area such as an herbalist, botanist or a mycologist.

Wild Herbs


Carolina Geranium

(G. carolinianum)

Evening Primrose

(Oenothera biennis)

 This is abundant in Oklahoma and considered invasive. The root is astringent, salve and styptic. It can be used as a gargle for sore throats and used for diarrhea.

The oil from Evening Primrose can reduce skin inflammation and used for eczema. It helps to prevent blood clotting, dilates blood vessels and is highly anti-inflammatory. You would need special equipment to extract the oil so this plant is not one for the everyday wildcrafter.

Ruff Leaf Dogwood

(Cornus drummondii)

Purple Poppy Mallow

(Callirhoe involucrata)

Native Americans used the small twigs from this bush for chew sticks for their teeth because of it's antibiotic properties. A poultice could be used from the bark for sores and ulcers. It was used as a tincture for malaria, colds and pneumonia. 

The dried roots were crushed and burned and inhaled for colds. It is believed the smoke could also reduce pain to arms and legs. A tea made from the roots was used for pain also. 

(Sambucus nigra)
Wild Hardneck Garlic
(Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon)

For viruses and the flu. It was used for bacterial as well as viral infections. Each year many wildcrafters collect these berries for infusions to fight the flu. 

(Vernonia baldwinii)

Ironweed leaves feel course. Ironweed has been used in the past as a throat gargle as well as for fevers, tuberculosis and a few other ailments.Atea can be made from the leaves and used for itching of the skin.

Grandma used this for her heart and coughs and colds, you will never forget a garlic plaster. It is said it will lower colesterol and help your immune system and help with viral and bacterial infections.

(Monarda citriodora)

This Monarda is good as a steam or tea for colds. It is found along roadsides and fields in Oklahoma.

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