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In Loving Memory of         Jackie Dill, wildcrafter extraordinaire and Oklahoma treasure

Jackie Dill passed from her physical body June 29, 2017. She founded Oklahoma Wildcrafting and taught many people through walks and workshops, as well as her Facebook group. She worked tirelessly to help others and protect the earth. She was wise and funny, generous and fiercely brave. Her heart was as big as Mother Earth and deeply rooted in her. Her knowledge was vast and we were beyond blessed she shared it with us so freely. Her legacy of wildcrafting and love for the earth will go on in many hearts. May we strive to be worthy of her by caring for others, caring for the earth, and loving and living with the plants she adored. She is survived by her daughters Heather Welcome and Jonelle Smalley, her sister Deborah Oates, many grandchildren and great grandchildren and a host of other loved ones.

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