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          for June 29th 2013

We will be adding speakers as they confirm with us. ​

Bob Waldrop

​General Manager at

Oklahoma Worker Coop Network,

Owner at Prairie Rose Permaculture,

President, Oklahoma Food Cooperative

This is more like what doesn't Bob do. He is a true inspiration to many in Oklahoma. His work with those in Oklahoma on a volunteer basis attests to why he is so highly regarded. He has a e-book out called iPermie! How To Permaculture Your Urban Lifestyle. You will find a link to his book below. If your interested in self sustainability come listen to Bob he will start you on the right path.


Marc Dunham, Chef

Director of Culinary Arts at Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Host of Oklahoma Cooks on KSBI

You may recognize Marc from the show Oklahoma Cooks on KSBI. Marc travels around the state in search of people who are passionate about food and sharing their stories, techniques, and recipes from the kitchen. Marc is a natural born teacher and looks beyond just the cooking aspects of food. He is concerned about healthy foods and local access to those foods. I consider him the most knowledgeable Chef in Oklahoma when it comes to wild foods.

Ken Conway Ph. D., Mycology

Retired Professor, Oklahoma State University

We are thrilled Professor Conway will be speaking. For all of you shroomers out there this is your chance to listen to and ask questions of Professor Conway. He has graced our Oklahoma Wildcrafting with his knowledge and we are so grateful he spends time with us. I met Professor Conway through my oldest daughter. I feel there are no chance meetings. I have never seen another open meeting where one of our mycology experts here in Oklahoma have spoke and took questions. Now is your chance.

Jenny Faith Mansell, Herbalist

Prairie Balm Herbals

Duncan, Oklahoma

One of my favorite herbalist will be speaking on Backyard Herbalism. When it come to practicing what you preach, it is Jenny. Herbs are a part of her families everyday life and she utilizes many wild herbs. So if you want to know what is growing in your backyard and what to do with it in Oklahoma, you won't want to miss her speak. Jenny is also a forager for  wild foods in Oklahoma.

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